The Deleted Horror Movie Scene That Gave Rosario Dawson A

<p>Rosario Dawson is a bonafide geek culture queen, having worked with directors ranging from Kevin Smith to Quentin Tarantino. She hasn't gotten to do a ton of spooky stuff, but sought to change that with a small cameo in Rob Zombie's 2005 tribute to '70s exploitation horror, "The Devil's Rejects." Unfortunately, her scene was cut from the movie, meaning her character's harrowing death has been relegated to the DVD extras of time.</p> <p>In the significantly more serious sequel to Zombie's 2003 debut "House of 1000 Corpses,&Read More

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The Terminal List Star Jai Courtney Is More Than Happy

<p>Jai Courtney relishes playing the villain. It's something he's thrived at over the years, and he often brings a glee to those performances, especially in a delightful comedy called "Buffaloed." In Amazon's "The Terminal List," when nefarious tech billionaire Steve Horn lets out a smug smirk, it's obvious Courtney is indeed having a great time. </p> <p>The actor's role is fairly minimal in the first few episodes in the Chris Pratt-led revenge series. Without spoiling anything, Horn is pulling some strings behind-the-scenes in Read More

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How Mr. Malcolm’s List Star Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù Stepped Into The

<p>Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù is no stranger to intensity. He's perhaps best known for star-making turns in the 2020 horror "His House" and the infamously-brutal crime drama "Gangs of London." On stage, Dìrísù has portrayed heavyweight champ Cassius Clay in "One Night in Miami," and his 2018 portrayal of Coriolanus with Royal Shakespeare Company saw the actor covered in blood from head to toe, "Carrie"-style. He's racked up a formidable list of credits in a short amount of time, each more compelling than the last. But Read More

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Mr. Malcolm’s List Actor Zawe Ashton Taps Into The Feminine

<p>After watching her turn as the cunning Julia Thistlewaite in "Mr. Malcolm's List," one might expect Zawe Ashton to be similarly intimidating. She's the kind of scene-stealing performer whose reputation definitely precedes her: Ashton's career spans decades, following the actor-writer-filmmaker from the stage to the screen and back again. It's easy to feel intimidated by the thought of speaking to Ashton (I definitely was), but all that melted away when I sat down to chat with the "Mr. Malcolm's List" star. </p> <p>Speaking Read More


The 14 Best The Wire Episodes, Ranked

<p dir="">"The Wire" is one of the most influential television shows of all time. David Simon's drama series explored the complexities of the drug war and allowed viewers to empathize with all of the different parties involved in the conflict. Not just a thrilling crime series, the show addressed themes of racism, systematic discrimination, drug abuse, plagiarism, educational disparity, and economic depression that are just as relevant today as they were when it was airing. The series served as a great learning tool about society's failings, giving more insights into the Read More

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Bollywood Legend Farhan Akhtar Reflects On His Ms. Marvel Appearance

<p>It's not every day that I get to talk to a living legend who even my largely pop culture-illiterate parents would positively swoon over. For those in the West who may not be familiar with the work of Farhan Akhtar, well, look no further than this helpful guide recently put together by /Film's Debopriyaa Dutta. But otherwise, it's difficult to describe the sheer amount of influence and aura that the Bollywood icon has amassed over the years. Perhaps the purest definition of a true multi-hyphenate, the Mumbai-born Akhtar has been an award-winning actor, an Read More


The Daily Stream: Milkwater Is A Charming And Complicated Serio-Comedy

<p dir="">(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they've been watching, why it's worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)</p> <p dir="">The Movie: "Milkwater"</p> <p dir="">Where You Can Stream It: Netflix</p> <p dir="">The Pitch: Coming-of-age comedies are usually reserved for stories about high school or college-aged transformations, but we've finally entered a golden age of cinematic Read More


Alien: Covenant Took Ridley Scott Back To His Practical Roots

<p>Is Ridley Scott's 2017 movie "Alien: Covenant" a bold step forward for the "Alien" franchise? Or an ill-advised attempt to course-correct after the polarizing "Prometheus"? I would argue it's both. Scott was well-aware that many fans were put off by the lack of "Alien" connections in his 2012 prequel, including the absence of a full-blown Xenomorph. In time, he would turn to his "Gladiator" scribe John Logan to rewrite the script for "Covenant" with this in mind. The result is part Xenomorph slaughter-fest, part Gothic Read More


Karl Urban’s Dredd Costume Called For Different Kind Of Acting

<p>Judge Dredd first appeared in the comic book "2000 A.D." #2 in March of 1977. The character was a stoic, tough-as-nails ua-cop, enforcing the law in a future dystopia called Mega-City One. In the future, crime has become so bad that cops are also authorized to serve as judges, and pass sentences on the spot, including the death penalty. Dredd was a satirical antihero, used to send up the fascistic tendencies of American and British law enforcement practices. He snarled. He was violent. And readers never saw his eyes: His shaded helmet never came off.</p&Read More

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Mr. Malcolm’s List Writer Suzanne Allain On Adapting Her Novel

<p>It's not every day that a novelist is able to see their work so quickly adapted into a film — and it can be even rarer to find a novelist that's also dexterous enough to adapt that work themselves. Suzanne Allain, the creator of "Mr. Malcolm's List," didn't know much about screenwriting when she first made the decision to turn her novel into a screenplay. But Allain's first attempt at an adaptation yielded incredible results: The Black List performed a live reading of her script in 2015, which in turn got the Read More